Orgasm Reiki (c)

Exclusive and absolutly simple system for enlarge your sexual energy. There are no symbols and Kundalini Reiki.
This is absolutly uniqie system based on Usui Reiki Ryoho and Cosmic Clinic channel.

1st step — 25 euro

2st step — 50 euro

3st step — 30 euro
plus sertisicate and rights to send this energy to other people.

This is new technic, it is founded in november 2010. And only people listed here have right to give attunement and teach.

Now (23 november 2010) list is empty! Just author — N Xiao Long (Anastasia).

You may first who recive attunement and will the teacher!

Just send me an email —

Read more — Orgasm Reiki web site

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